Coding Workshop

Creating a fun Christmas story with coding, a great fun workshop with First class Coders
Tuesday 20th December 10am - 2pm

Animal Farm Day

Shae loved animals and starting his mobile petting business at the age of 5, he and his mom is excited to share his pets with you at Sherwood Park Hall
Wednesday 21st December 10am - 2pm

Theatre trip to see Crackers at the Polka Theatre

This amazing play and a fund day out at the theatre
Thursday 22nd October 10am - 2pm

Meet Santa

Fun day making christmas decorations, playing games and then meet Santa!
Friday 23rd December 10am - 2pm

Master Chef Workshop

Using a choice of 5 ingredients each group needs to come up with a tasty dish, the winning group wins a prize
Tuesday 27th December 10am - 2pm

Drama Workshop

A mixture of dance, drama, and singing this workshop a great opportunity for children to express themselves and be super creative
Wednesday 28th December 10am - 2pm

T shirt design day

We will offer you a few unusual items to decorate your T Shirt with the winner will win a Free clothing voucher
Thursday 29th December 10am - 2pm

Circus Training Workshop

We did this last year and it was so much fun we are bringing back! Learn all the circus skills so you can wow your friends
Friday 30th December 10am - 2pm

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